Friday, 9 May 2014


We cannot talk of love without going way back to the very beginning of it, which is the creation of man in the Garden of Eden; for man was created out of love and for love.

The story of love begins with God. When God breathed on man, he breathed not only life but love as well. That is the double L. that makes up a man; LIFE and LOVE.

God initiated the first institution of love, when he created Adam and Eve. After He formed Adam, He discovered it was not good for man to be alone, so He made Eve as a companion. From then, the concept of love and togetherness came into existence.
Therefore, since the beginning of man, love has existed and will continue to exist and be the reoccurring decimal in any relationship, especially that between man and woman.

The same awe and astonishment Adam felt when he first set eyes on Eve, is still being re-enacted in every relationship today. Because, even though love is an old phenomenon, it will be forever new. People fall in love every day and when it happens, you feel its freshness, its newness and the euphoria that goes with it. To you, it is something new, unique and peculiar.

So what is love or what is the true definition of love? I thought I knew it all until when i went out to sample opinions; I now discovered that the definition of love is as varied as the number of individuals I asked.

 At the end of my research for the true definition of love, I came to acknowledge the fact that there is not and there will never be any consensus on the appropriate definition of love. Therefore, I likened the story of love definition to the story of the seven blind men who went out to the zoo to feel an elephant. On their return, each described the elephant from the angle he was able to touch. Each was neither wrong nor right
Let’s just say people defined love based on their feelings, beliefs, experiences and even intellectual perspectives. For instance, Anthropologist, Sexologists, Philosophers, Psychologist, Psychoanalysts, Social behaviourists, Social scientists Sociologists, etc, all have defined love from their disciplinary perspectives and have all put forward arguments to support their definitions. Well, they are neither wrong nor right too.

Even Poets, great Scholars, both ancient and modern, have written wonderful and glowingly things about love. In addition, Love has been and is been celebrated in songs daily.

Scientists are not left out at all, they put love to the test tube and came up with the term `Chemistry of love`. They argued that love and loving  happens because of certain chemical reaction in the body. They talk of hormones, testosterone, progesterone etc., but until date, they are yet to discover the exact chemical that induce or breed love between two people. Well, we are still waiting for that breakthrough in scientific study of love.

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