Friday, 19 May 2017

The force of positive thinking- a book

The author

It is really heart-warming seeing a young man striving to excel in every aspect of his life, when someone this young discovers his purpose early in life and follows it through with tangible achievement, the sky is not even the limit.

In this day of social media crush by the youths, a young man has decided to add value to his life and that of others. Not only did he write a book, The force of positive thinking, that will impart and motivate his generation but that the proceedings from the sale of the book would go into assisting other youths in the funding of their education – what a commendable achievement and sacrifice.

This humble, talented and generous young man is Ekere Goodluck Ebimobowei, author of, The force of positive thinking. He is a speaker, writer and a young entrepreneur and an undergraduate, presently studying Business Administration in Covenant University.

About the book:

The force of positive thinking is a book written to inform, impart, reform and transform your thinking as an individual so as to help you make impact in life and maximize your destiny.
It is a manual for life transformation thoughts that will propel you towards positive action and a life of purposefulness.

The book has seven chapters all dealing with thoughts patters, and with biblical quotes to drive home his message. This is a chapter dealing with, Positive and Godly thoughts and another on, Taking charge of your thoughts.

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