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Bobbi Kristina - She is in God's hands

Despite great medical care at numerous facilities, five months after being found unconscious and unresponsive in a bathtub, Bobbi Kristina's condition continues to deteriorate,

Recently she was moved into hospice care as her family refused to give up on her despite the grim news, as they continue to pray for a "miracle."

"She is still alive and her heart is beating so there's hope," a Brown family source told PEOPLE.

In a statement, the family thank everyone for their support and prayers saying "She is in God's hands now."

The 22-year-old Bobbi Kristina, was hospitalized in January after being found unconscious in a bathtub in her Atlanta townhouse. She was transferred to an Atlanta-area rehab facility in March before being moved to hospice on Wednesday.
There is nothing God cannot do, our hands are crossed as we continue to intercede for her divine healing.

Diana Ross, still looks hot.

Woah! even at 71, Diana Ross, mother of five children; still turns head around, the legendary singer and actress, turned up in her daughter's wedding(Chudney) in a dazzling ivory off-the-shoulder Vivienne Westwood Red Label gown, looking chic and sexy as always


Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner transformation story.

Former Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn had a 10-hour facial feminization surgery in March of this year, to complete his transgender journey.
In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jenner said the operation took twice as long as expected. After an initial panic attack following the surgery, she spoke with a counselor and put the second-guessing behind her. Jenner told the magazine she firmly stands by her decision:

"If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, 'You just blew your entire life. You never dealt with yourself,' and I don't want that to happen," she said.

Jenner had taken steps toward feminization in the past, including taking hormones that resulted in breast growth and procedures for facial hair removal, her facial surgery was the final step of her transition. Vanity Fair reported that she did not have genital surgery.

Facial feminization surgery can include a number of procedures,…

My relationship with Caitlyn is much better than with Bruce - Daughter

Caitlyn Jenner's eldest daughter thinks the former Olympian is "just nicer" now.

Cassandra Jenner admits she was previously estranged from the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star, who was known as Bruce Jenner before undergoing gender transition, and says her "relationship with Caitlyn is much better than with Bruce, but we still have a lot of work to do."

The 34-year-old blonde beauty told PEOPLE magazine: "[We] didn't talk for years, and now we see each other every couple of weeks and talk on the phone, which I am grateful for.

"She's happier and more appreciative of her family. She is trying harder and there is a softness to Caitlyn that is new to me. I think part of that is that when someone is happier, they are just nicer."

Cassandra felt "so honored" when Caitlyn recently invited her over for a girls' night in at her Malibu home in California because it was "such an intimate gathering after all these years…

10 Reasons this generation is finding it hard to be in love.

Ever wonder what our GENERATION will be known for in the decades to come? I ponder the question regularly. There are so many great things we could be remembered for, but if history has taught us anything, it’s the negative that tends to last the test of time, not the positive. My greatest worry is our generation will be looked at as the generation that gave up on love. We date for the sake of dating. The generation that forgot how to love — which is ridiculous. Most people have never had a good understanding of love, just a poor interpretation of it. Generation-Y seems to be the first generation moving away from conventional takes on romantic, loving relationships. The only question that remains is whether we’ll be remembered for being the first generation to accept a more logical and rational take on love or the generation that gave up on it altogether. I guess you’ll be the one to decide.


Rihanna, First Black Woman to Be Face of Dior

The Barbadian artist has been roped in by the luxury French fashion brand making her the first black woman to be a face of Dior.

Shot in Versailles, France, by Steven Klein, the film and print campaign is scheduled to run this spring. And just like all the previous models and stars for the Secret Garden series, Riri too will be seen dressed in gorgeous Dior gowns while running around the palace of Versailles. Before the official release of the campaign, internet has been buzzing with images of Rihanna dressed in a sparkly silver sequin dress at the Palace of Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors.

The Rude Boy singer effortlessly transforms in to the Dior Girl and joins the league of the current Dior stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Marion Cotillard and Natalie Portman. While models including Daria Strokus, Melissa Stasiuk and Xiao Wen Ju have been starred in Dior’s previous Secret Garden films.

7 Overnight Beauty Treatments to Try Tonight

They work while you sleep and you wake up looking and feeling beautiful. What more could a girl ask for? If you’ve never done overnight beauty treatments, now is definitely the time to give it a try.

These are what you need for your overnight beauty treatments:

1. Petroleum Jelly

Also known as Vaseline, petroleum jelly is a great option for many overnight beauty treatments. Slather it on your dry feet, then wear a pair of socks to bed. While you sleep, the petroleum jelly soaks in, softening your soles and heels. You can also put Vaseline on dry lips, cheeks and eyelids while you sleep. You’ll wake up softer and more hydrated, and there’s nothing better than that!

2. Mineral Powder

According to some beauty experts, dusting on a thin layer of mineral powder before you hit the hay is a good way to control irritation. It helps reduce inflammation and redness and can help soothe your skin. Yes, you should definitely remove your make-up before #bed, but most versions of mineral powder won’t …

Who Wins Today? Jonathan or Buhari ?

THE long awaited moment is here at last. Today, millions of Nigerians will go the polls to elect a new president.

Although there are many candidates, the contest boils down to two of them: incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former Head of State, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) of the All Progressives Congress (APC). This is more so with some of the political parties and candidates queuing behind the duo who are slugging it out for the second time, the first being in 2011 when the incumbent beat his main challenger in the race. But unlike in the past, today's election would be a keen contest between the two and there might be no landslide victory.

Since the advent of this Republic in 1999, no presidential election has been so close to call. And of course, so polarised along religious and ethnic lines as this. For Jonathan, it is a last chance to demonstrate what he can do to prove his mettle if he wins. And for Buhari, it is a last chance a…

10 agonising things short women go through every day.

They say good things come in small packages, and we BET those girls who are below five feet in height would have to agree. People believe they can fit you in their pocket and don’t hesitate to say it out loud. You want to punch them in the face, don’t you? We get it; life is tough for a short girl. And after looking at all the things you go through, we feel your pain. 
1.Forever in heels: Be it a red carpet event or a beach vacation, half of your time is spent figuring out which pair of heels to wear.
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2.The art of hemming: If those gorgeous pants are not available in the kids department, you might have to pick them up from the adult section. But then comes the pain of hemming them up. Oh, wait; you’re a pro at that, aren’t you? 
3.Top shelf problems: Reaching the top shelf is just a pain in the neck, literally. You have to go up counters and shelves until you finally make it to the top. 
4.ID everywhere: Every time you approach a club, pub or a cinema for an A-rated movie…

I’m proud of being both man and woman- Gospel Singer

For 35 years.he lived an empty life filled with shame and guilt as a result of his condition, coming to terms with the fact he was a hermaphrodite (person with both the male and female sex organs) was too much for Apostle Darlan Rukih Moses to contend with.

When he got married, it was difficult for the wife to come to term with his dual personality initially, however he said his wife has since accepted him the way he is,

The father of three adopted children (with the same condition) says he’s now ready to come out of the closet. Speaking to The Nairobian, Moses says he is proud of being a man and a woman and going public will help create awareness and is advocating against discrimination of people suffering from his condition.

"I underwent a medical examination and the doctors confirmed I have a normal uterus, ovaries and I can bear children,’ he said.

Moses, a gospel musician who even sings Taarab gospel, was born in Bondo where his mother was shocked after the doctors anno…

Jealous husband glued wife's vagina with superglue

A jealous husband who thought his wife was having an affair decided to punish her by using superglue to glue her vagina togather.

The green-eyed husband became obsessed with the idea that his 40-year-old wife was sleeping with her uncle after he dropped her off at home one day in South Africa.

Locking her in a bedroom the 45-year-old forced her to strip while pointing a machete at her and threatened to chop her head off if she did not do as he said.

The distraught woman said: "He had previously tried to cut my hand off so I was terrified.

"He  ordered me to lie down and open my legs and then took out super glue and applied it to my vagina.

"I had tears streaming down my face and was begging him to stop, but he didn't seem to care.

"I do not know what would make a man who loves a woman do that to her."

The woman later tried to remove the glue but is now scarred for life which means she won't be able to have sex again and suffers terribly from the pain.

100-year-old woman goes to jail

A 100-year-old woman was jailed in the central Kenyan town of Embu, for a three-month sentence for illegal appropriation of land.

This sparked off a campaign on social media platforms calling for her release, as hundreds of users from social networks showed their solidarity with the campaign by sharing the hashtag, #SaveJailed100yrGranny.

The old woman was jailed on March 10 for failing to implement a court order requiring her to give away two hectares (just under five acres) of land to an individual who filed a claim that she had illegally taken the plot.

After spending nine days in jail, a Nairobi county senator, Mike Sonko, paid a bail of 100,000 shillings (just over $1,000) to secure the release of the elderly woman, who was able to leave the prison on Thursday, said the Daily Nation newspaper.

The Sonko Rescue Team, a group of volunteers who work under the senator for community service in Nairobi, will perform a complete medical checkup on the woman to ensure that she is stable.

'World's ugliest woman' takes a stand as anti-bullying activist

Lizzie Velasquez went through the torment of being mocked by bullies from around the world and survived to tell her story

At the age of 17, while surfing the web, she came across a video of herself on YouTube that labelled her as the 'world's ugliest woman'. it was a devastating experience for her.

But now 26, the inspirational woman has hit back at her tormentors with an anti-bullying documentary about her life, describing her battle with a rare condition which stops her from putting on weight.

'A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story' premiers at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, today.

The 78-minute film charts Lizzie's inspiring path from cyber-bullying victim to anti-bullying activist.

Featuring details of Lizzie's emotional and physical journey through the years, it follows her progress as she attempts to lobby the US government for the first federal anti-bullying Bill.

She was born with Marfan syndrome and lipodystrophy, which…

First Penis Transplant sucessful and Functional

The patient was an unidentified 21 year old, who lost his penis in a botched circumcision. . The penis was amputated about three years before the transplant. As a rite of passage, many males in South Africa undergo circumcisions when they are about 18.

Penis amputation presents many urinary health risks and eliminates normal reproductive capabilities. About 250 amputations occur each year, with many victims committing suicide after the amputation due to social pressures.

The patient was the recipient of a nine-hour operation done to attach the penis of a donor. This procedure was attempted once before in China, and was unsuccessful. The surgical team was led by Andre Van der Merwe MD. Dr. Van der Werwe was pleased with the outcome.

Doctors in Cape Town said the operation was a success and the patient was happy and healthy.

Elderly nun gang raped in a convent by bandits

A group of bandits gang raped an elderly nun on Saturday when she attempted to stop them from robbing a Christian missionary school in eastern India, police said.
The nun, who is in her 70s, was hospitalized in serious condition after being attacked by seven or eight men at the Convent of Jesus and Mary School in Nadia district, 50 miles northeast of the West Bengal state capital of Kolkata, a police officer said.

Police Inspector General Anuj Sharma told Agence France-Presse that "two people have so far been arrested." The others remain at large.

The robbers tied the school's security guards with ropes early Saturday and entered the nuns' room, where the women were sleeping. They took one of the nuns to another room when she tried to block their way and then raped her, the officer said.
The Archbishop of Calcutta, Thomas d'Souza, told the BBC that security cameras inside the Convent of Jesus and Mary School show the faces of the six men who carried out the assault…

Coconut Oil, Best Hair Treatment

Coconut oil is, one of the most effective hair treatments for a very wide variety of hair issues. Many claim that coconut oil actually works better than any man-made treatments on the market, and because it's 100% natural it's free of silicone, alcohols, and other chemicals that can aggravate sensitive skin and hair. It works incredibly well for repairing damaged hair that has been over-processed, heat damaged, or is just naturally dry.

Coconut oil is also anti-fungal in nature, making it a perfect natural anti-dandruff treatment, or as a preventative treatment for dandruff. It's a great regular hair treatment for maintaining very healthy hair and scalp when used as a part of your regular hair care routine (1-4 times per month).

Why Coconut Oil Works Better  Coconut oil works well to recondition dry and damaged hair because the molecular structure of coconut oil, unlike other oils or moisturizers that just sit on the hair, is ideal for penetrating the hair shaft, getting p…

Benefits of Non-Starchy Vegetables

Studies have shown that eating a diet rich in vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet can help reduce cardiovascular disease risk, cancer, Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

A vegetable rich diet can also help to lower blood pressure. Vegetables are nutrient dense - loaded with vitamins, minerals, disease fighting antioxidants and fiber. Fiber is an important nutrient when it comes to managing weight and diabetes. Fiber helps to keep you full, pulls cholesterol away from your heart and can help to regulate blood sugars by slowing down digestion.

One of the best ways to increase your fiber content is to increase your vegetable intake, preferably non-starchy vegetables. Non-starchy vegetables contain about 25 calories, 0 g fat, 5-6 g carbohydrate, 3 g fiber, and 0.5-2 g protein per 1/2 cup cooked or 1 cup raw. In addition to being a low calorie, and low carbohydrate food, non-starchy vegetables add texture, flavor, bulk, and rich color to any meal.

What to consider when purchasing:

If …

Imo State University rusticates 700 students

The Vice Chancellor of Imo State University, Professor Ukachukwu Awuzie disclosed that over 700 students has been rusticated in the last 12 months for alleged examination misconduct .

Professor Ukachukwu Awuzie made this disclosure at the weekend in Owerri while addressing some selected journalist in the state on his one year in office, he said his administration has zero tolerance for examination malpractices.

Professor Awuzie however stated that some staff of the university who were found guilty by disciplinary panels have either being sacked or demoted .

According to him, the university has graduated about 150 medical doctors from the college of medicine of the university.

The former president of academic staff union of universities (ASUU )disclosed that ,the year under view, the university in collaboration with the TET fund research found have sponsored over 25 staff of the university to pursue their master degree and Ph.D programs

He regretted that most of the courses offered by the …

Suspected killer of a Lagos housewife narrates shocking revelations about her

Residents of Oke-Afa area in Lagos State were jolted in December 2014, after the body of a 35-year-old housewife, Martha Ifeoma Ifewulu was discovered at her house in a pool of her blood. The mother of four and wife of Chief Lawrence Ugochukwu Ifewulu, 52, was murdered by an unknown person few hours before her children arrived from school. Reports said the children came home only to find their mother in a pool of her own blood, which flowed freely down the staircase.

On closer examination, it was discovered that the silky-soft skin of her throat was hideously slashed with a knife like that of a goat.

The husband later was reported to have alleged that one Collins should be held responsible for the death of his wife. The grieving husband also alleged that the wife might have been killed to prevent her from divulging their plans to kill him, dispose off his assets and elope to Canada with his children.

Surprisingly, the suspected killer got in touch with Vanguard Newspaper crime reporte…

'Fifty Shades' author says she 'fought hard' for her fans

"Fifty Shades of Grey" devotees, know this: Whether you end up loving or hating the new movie, author EL James had your back.

"I was thinking about the readers," James says about the sometimes fraught process of adapting her steamy book to the screen - a process that reportedly involved creative differences, to put it gently, with director Sam Taylor-Johnson. Out this Friday for Valentine's weekend, the R-rated film stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

"I understand what it's like to be in fandom," she says. "I had to fight for a lot of things really hard. And I did." (As a producer on the film as well as the trilogy's author, James had an unusual amount of creative clout.)

James, 51, who wrote the erotic trilogy for her own enjoyment and ended up launching a global phenomenon, sat down over the weekend with The Associated Press to chat about the new film and the fans whose devotion has brought her such stunning commercial success…

Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan, out of jail, apologises to the public

Jaycee Chan, son of movie star Jackie Chan, freed from jail, appeared in public for the first time on Saturday, following a six-month jail sentence on drug charges and apologised for his actions.

Speaking softly and wearing a dark-coloured suit and collarless shirt, the 32-year-old entertainer told reporters in Beijing he would dedicate his energy toward film and music projects and spend more time with his distraught mother.

"As a public figure, this incident has had a negative impact on society, disappointed people who supported me, and caused losses for people who have worked with me," said Chan, who extended a deep bow of apology before and after his remarks.

Chan was detained in August after he tested positive for marijuana and police found 100 grams of the drug in his Beijing home. He was formally charged in December with "the crime of sheltering others to take drugs."

How to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You

Are you tired of being alone and of spending your free time with the girls? Are you thinking of what to do to put an end to your loneliness? Do you know how to find your soul mate? Please read on and find out how to make a guy fall in love with you;

If you are thinking that it is all about sex, stop thinking that way. If you have sex with him, he will only lose respect for you and will leave you for someone with higher morals. Do not use sex as the attraction.

If you are thinking it is about a pretty face, stop thinking that way, too. A man can fall in love with a pretty face, but if the person behind the face is difficult to deal with, he can not fall in love with the woman. A pretty face can attract men, but it can not make a guy fall in love and it can not make him commit to her.

Good dating advice says it is all about the person behind the face. So ask yourself, what sort of person are you? Are there any changes you need to make?

· Male psychology says that a man wants a woman who is…

5 Things Men Hate about Women

Ask any man what he loves his chosen one for. Hardly anyone will answer that it is her size four breast. No matter how trivial it may sound, but they love women for the good character, for the sense of humor, for the similarity of interests, and more often – for the very particular feature that distinguishes a woman and allows the man to feel special with her.

5 kinds of girls men hate.

Now, let us try to understand what girls men are repelled by. There are several types of women that men find very difficult to get along with.


A successful and strong-willed woman, who is so independent and ambitious that men are often scared of her. She is too militant, and the potential chosen man has the impression that he starts a business relationship rather than a romantic one.

Dull Beggar

It is very difficult to carry her away with something, she spends little energy and rarely has her own opinion towards anything. It is difficult for a man to find anything in such a girl.