The force of positive thinking- a book

The author
It is really heart-warming seeing a young man striving to excel in every aspect of his life, when someone this young discovers his purpose early in life and follows it through with tangible achievement, the sky is not even the limit. In this day of social media crush by the youths, a young man has decided to add value to his life and that of others. Not only did he write a book, The force of positive thinking, that will impart and motivate his generation but that the proceedings from the sale of the book would go into assisting other youths in the funding of their education – what a commendable achievement and sacrifice. This humble, talented and generous young man is Ekere Goodluck Ebimobowei, author of, The force of positive thinking. He is a speaker, writer and a young entrepreneur and an undergraduate, presently studying Business Administration in Covenant University.

About the book:
The force of positive thinking is a book written to inform, impart, reform and transform you…

What you need to know about money

Whatever can be said or written about money, it’s importance to life can never be  demeaned. Love it or hate it; though I never heard of anyone who hates money, money is a legal tender that understands every language on earth, it comes in all kinds of colour and design, from the olden days’ cowries to modern day paper notes and coins, they are the fulcrum of our life.

   Some will tell you that money is the root of all evil according to the holy Bible, but that’s quoting it out of context. The Bible says, the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. The love of money is what breed evil, jealousy, envy, murder and pride, not money itself. Like it is written money is a good servant but a bad master. Money is meant to serve us and never the other way round. When you twist this order, you twist your life’s order as well, man is made to control money, but when you allow the love of money to control you, to be the domineering thing in your life, then you’ve lost your sense of direction.

Broken- my latest book

CHAPTER 1    What a day!      A humid atmosphere, a weather like a blast furnace, you would think someone left the portals of hell open as hot airs oozed out and swirled around.     As I stood under the sweltering air waiting to be attended, my patient snapped, face puffed up with anger, I raised my voice at the fish seller. “Madam, please hurry up now or do you want me to sleep in this market?”        “Aunty me, a beg no vex I dey come.” With both hands up in supplication, she appealed to me.     These market women could be irritating, once they collect your money, they left you standing to attend to a new customer.       The harshness in my voice and my unsmiling face made her stopped haggling with the next customer, and with a plea for her to wait, she took the fish I paid for, cut it, wrapped it and gave to me with a smile meant to thaw my anger.      I took it and ignored her smile. I didn’t need it; she had kept me more than necessary under a boiling sun. Once I stowed the fish …

Why am I a Christian?

At times it is not that you don’t believe, but some days, events and circumstances make you doubt your faith, doubt the existence of God, and His presence in your live. You wonder, if there is God, why should I lose a loved one at a young age, if there is God why should my spouse die, if there is God, why should he allow a whole family to be wiped out by an enemy.You may wonder, I am a Christian, I trust God, I believe in Him, I worship Him, so why should he allow evil and calamity to grace my path, and then you ask, what’s the essence of being a Christian.
A woman was once told a car hit and killed her daughter, her first comment was, “but I prayed this morning, I covered all my children with the blood of Jesus.” Then she looked up and asked. “God, Why?”

Yes, God, why? is a question most Christians ask, especially when calamity assaults us. The bible tells us that no one can question God. He owes us no explanation for the things He does and how He does it. He is G…

Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2016

Day 4 of the Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week has come to a closeLanre Da Silva Ajayi‘s collection was so beautiful. The designer is known for using silks lace and other delicate, feminine fabrics to create a masterpiece collection, almost like wearable art.

Here are some wonderful designs from Lanre Da Silva Ajayi's collection.

Waste to wealth

Mrs. Matilda Taiwo is one woman who is very determined to succeed and excel in her waste to wealth venture which she started

When she resigned from her salary work, she went into picking pure-water packing bags off the street, she gathered so much that when she got a company to buy them, she made six hundred and fifty thousand naira, that straightens her resolves that there is money in the recycling

From there she got a contract to be supplying her nylon to a Chinese company, one day one of the company’s director told her, either Nigerians are lazy or blind because there’s lots of money lying in their gutters and no one seems to care. This statement spurred her into action.

She set up her own company, Goodware stitches ltd. and with locally fabricated machines she went into production, six months after a heavy downpour in Lagos caused the building she rented the ground floor to collapse and nothing was salvaged.

She sold her cars and other properties despite family opposition to start a…

Will you allow your wife be a bus driver in Lagos?

More and more women are leaving the comfort of homes and sedately jobs to jostle with men in the rough streets of Lagos. Being a commercial bus driver isn’t an easy job for men how much more for women, but nowadays more and more women are braving the odds, most probably as the economic situation in the country worsens. Some women are taken the lead as bread winners in their family; they are prepared to do any legitimate labour or job to put food on the table for their families. One woman who is not afraid to go into the rough and tumble world of commercial bus driving is Mrs. Patricia Nnameani. She drives a mini-bus along the Ago-Cele route on daily basis. Being a bus driver was a self made decision but with the support of her husband and children, she is enjoying the job with its challenges and she hopes to raise money from it to get a bigger bus to increase her daily income.
She has been in the business for seven months now and waxing stronger. She advised more women to go in to commer…