Sunday, 18 February 2018

Decoration of Faith (The story of Hannah)

My latest book.

When a woman gets married, everyone expects her to get pregnant immediately. Whereby it doesn't happen the woman goes through ridicule and misery.  This is the story of Hannah and Elkanah in the Bible.

Decoration of Faith talks about their love, their faith and their quest for a child. After all they gone through, God decorated their faith by giving them, Samuel


Friday, 16 February 2018

Fighting Emotion (Young Adult Romance Series 1)

About the book

When a man loves a woman, he will do anything to win her love. Fred is ready to play the fool to get Ifeoma to accept his love for her is genuine.

Ifeoma is afraid to lose her heart to a man with a reputation, one who has left a trail of girls heartbroken. She has to fight her emotion and fight him off to avoid the inevitable.

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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Fighting Emotion (2)

Chapter Two

Fred sat on his bed in the male hostel staring off into nothing, his brain muddled with thoughts that escalated
his heartbeat above normal. He had no reason to spend Friday night in his hostel room, he preferred weekends away at a room he shared with a friend in town. Worst still, he had no pressing need or reasonable reason to set up his easel and paint but that’s exactly what his heart was urging him to do.
   Deep in his heart, he knew it was because of her, and he didn't even know her name or department. Who was she and why had she remain fixated on his brain all through the week? Not willing to examine it critically, he got up and got busy, selecting paints and brushes and other art materials he would need for the day, he packed them inside his knapsack and made sure all other items he needed were intact.
    He put on his work clothing, and as the first break of light streaked across the sky, he eased out of the room loaded down with bag, board, and table. He went to the exact location they met a week earlier and set up his easel.
   His body taut with anticipation, he went about his chores, made a selection of brushes, mixed the colours and with less attention he would have put into his work if it was a class work or a client’s work, Fred splashed colours on his board as he tried to capture the trees in the field.
   After thirty minutes of constantly looking behind his shoulder, Fred, berating himself for his stupidity wondered why a mere encounter with an unknown girl should be a source of emotional chaos in his life.
    Suddenly his body tingled and his toes curled excitedly, a sensation he never noticed before. He turned and saw her from a distance in sports gears.
   Ifeoma saw the lone figure in the distance and told herself to avert her eyes and walk straight to her hostel, but on the brink of taking the right turn towards her hostel, she looked up to steal a furtive glance, and as their eyes met, a shiver went through her body like an electric jolt.
   She was bent on ignoring him and the reaction of her body, when he raised his hand towards her in greeting. Her footsteps faltered, she looked at him and then at her hostel gate, and against her will, her legs decided for her by walking towards him. Feeling betrayed by one of her body parts, her face tightened into a mask of anger. 

   Joy like he never experienced before surged through Fred's body as he watched her advancing with bounced determined steps as one walking towards a battlefield. Spitfire, as the word, echoed in his head a huge smile broke over his face. 

   Ifeoma sucked in her breath at the transformation, all the sharp angles of his face relaxed with the smile, he stood poised, tall and handsome; a picture of a male model. Heart-breaker, her head cautioned, but already there was a mutiny between her head and her heart, each was determined to go their separate ways. And even her body's treacherous reaction was an indication it wouldn't listen to her brain when it comes to him. 

   “Hi, I’m Fred.” He stretched out his right hand. “That’s if you wouldn’t mind having a splotch of colour on your hand.”
   Ifeoma hesitated for a second and thrust out her hand into his. Once again she felt the jolt, stronger and withdrew her hand hastily. He was invading her space consciously or unconsciously, and she was determined to find out why. 
   “You took off quite unexpectedly last week.” The smile on his face appeared stupid against her grim visage.
   “Do you come here every Saturday to paint, because apart from last week, I haven’t seen you here before?”
   The huskiness of her voice stirred Fred the more, her voice had none of the girly and flirtatious undertones of the girls who usually flocked around him. Stifling a smile, he asked. “Do you go for your gymnastic classes every Saturday morning?”
   A wry amusement glinted in her eyes. “You actually believed that?”
   “Do I have reasons to doubt you?” he looked her up suavely.
   She snorted. “Gymnastic, my foot.”
   "But seriously, weird things happen. With your dainty configuration, I wouldn't put it pass you, you have the body for it and also an undertone of compact energy.”
   A body, wired like a firework that would go up in flames of passion with just a touch. His lips curved into a smile at his licentious thought.
   “Thanks, maybe I will consider taking it up for real.” She glanced at his canvas. “Last week you’re so intense with your painting, today you’re relaxed.”
   He looked at his board, wet his brush, twirled it inside a colour palette and splashed it on the board in geometric strokes."Last week I have an assignment to submit on Monday morning. This week, the only reason I'm here is just to see you."
   Because he wasn’t looking at her, he didn’t see the alarm that jumped into her eyes. “Why are you here to see me?” Eyes narrowed, she waited for his answer.
   “Last week, you took off before we could be properly introduced…” he paused and turned to her. “We have an unfinished introduction to conclude.” He grinned. “I’m Fred Ibe, a part three student of Fine and Applied Art.”
   At her silence, he raised his brow and waited. Reluctantly she caved in. "I'm Ifeoma Jonathan, a first-year student of Secretarial Administration."
   Fresh meat. He hoped no guy had lay claim to her. There's always a mad rush every year by guys to acquire girlfriends from amongst the new students referred to as ‘fresh meat'. He grinned as his look turned to appraisal.
   "Yes, fresh meat," Ifeoma said reading his thought and look accurately.
   His grin widened. “Has any guy been territorial?”
   The appreciative gleam in his eyes made her voice hardened. “I was sent here by my parents to learn how to bang a typewriter and decode shorthand, not to bang guys or decode their lies.”
   His voice rang out in a deep, throaty male laugh. Another word, Feisty, popped into his head. As his thought roamed wild, his eyes roamed over her body, ‘bang’, how apt the comparison.
   His mind wandered into forbidden territory, as he wondered what it would be like to have her beneath him on a bed, his hands roaming over her body, her tight lips melting under his kiss and their bodies joined in a banging sensation. Just imagining the action gave him a hard-on. He shook his head to dispel the lustful picture his mind had conjured. 
   “I guess any guy who makes an attempt at toasting you will have his head roasted, even before the words come out of his mouth.”
   “Precisely! I’m glad you got the message loud and clear before you start scheming lines in your head.” Ifeoma said without a grain of smile on her face.
   His smile never wavered as he stared at her steadily. That’s my girl, his heart sang, he didn’t know where the line came from, right now he looked and thought like a man besotted. No woman had ever made his heart flipped; he had never had a compelling urge to possess a woman like he felt right now.
   Women fell into his laps in doves, and he had always taken his pick, enjoy the short rumble and tumble; short because none have been able to sustain his interest for long. His longest relationship lasted six months, not that he wanted it that way, but he discovered too late that Anastasia had long claws that were hard to unclasp. It took him months to pull her talons out of his life; she was beautiful but emotionally insecure, he got tired of assuaging her ego and breaking loose wasn’t as easy as he thought. He was just recovering from that experience.
   As he watched her walk away, he knew she belongs to him and he would go after her with every arsenal in his possession. His primordial instinct heightened at the thought of the chase ahead, the hunted had turned the hunter. A trickle of excitement ran down his spine. Gosh! Was he ready to make a fool of himself because of a woman? The stupid grin that broke over his face was answer enough. Insanity just knocked at his door and he was ready to go out of his way to embrace it happily and willingly.


Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Fighting Emotion (A Novella))

Chapter One

Few meters to the school gate, Ifeoma trotted to a halt. With both hands on her waist, she took a deep breath, bent a little, twisted her waist to the right and to the left a couple of times and then straightened. Flexing both legs and hands outwardly, she started walking leisurely towards the campus gate.
Passing through the side entrance, she threw a cheery good morning to the gateman, who returned her greeting with a jaunty wave. The campus was astir; she could hear the hum and buzz of students though unseen. It was a Saturday; no morning lectures for most and so no early morning bustling activities at the entrance.

The few students she encountered were those coming back from an all-night party or an all-night vigil. As they walked briskly past her, she examined them and could tell from their dressings where each person had been to.

As she bounced forward, every pulse in her body vibrated with the energy gleaned from her morning jog. She wasn’t jogging to lose weight; she had no extra ounce of flesh around her dainty frame.
While a sprinter in her secondary school days, she relished the wheezy feeling and adrenaline rush that comes with running and the sound of air whooshing through her ears, like a lover's whisper, always thrill her body.

Her Saturday jogging exercise was a luxury she cherished so much when she could afford to indulge in it, it inebriated her spirit, eased off pent-up stress and put a spring on her life for the rest of the week.
Approaching the T-junction, leading, one to the hostel and the other to a small field beside the art studio, she spotted a lone figure, facing an easel, not unusual as many art students’ paint in the morning. As she got closer, she couldn’t tear her eyes away, there was something arresting and compelling about the rapid movement of his hand that made her bypassed the route to the female hostel and gravitated towards him. She stood behind him fascinated, as she watched him capture the rising sun on his canvas in rapid strokes of a brush.

“You like it?” His voice boomed out suddenly.
Startled, she asked. "Like what? Oh, your painting?”
Turning his head, he gave her a side glance, his brown eyes cringing at the edge. "What else do we have here?"

It took some seconds for her to recover from the cockiness in his voice to mutter an answer.  “It’s nice.”
"Yeah, I guess it is." His hand continued its rapid movement, while she stood behind him and wondered what on earth brought her there.

She took her eyes off the canvas to assess him. Tall and lanky with a slim waist tucked into a faded and paint-stained jeans trouser, and a small towel casually draped over his shoulder. With what she saw, she grudgingly had to admit there was a natural masculine elegance about him.
She was still gawking at him when he turned sideways to pick a brush from among several brushes scattered on a small foldable table within easy reach of his hand. Apart from brushes, there were paints, watercolours, a straw hat, a dark sunshade, an insulated water-bottle and a small bucket of water.
Angry with her fascination with him, she lifted her leg to leave when he spoke again.  "I can see you're in sports gears, practising for any Olympic competition?"
She could hear laughter in his voice. “Yes.” She answered indignantly.
“Which?” he asked casually.
His hand halted, slowly he turned, a mocking smile on his face. He started from the legs and looked at her way up. When their eyes met, Ifeoma lifted her brow and looked straight into his eyes audaciously.
 “Wow!” slipped out of his mouth and the smile etched stupidly on his face. Stripped of action and words by the fire in her eyes and her cheeky combat-ready stance, he shook his head and turned back to his work. No girl had ever made him hot and stupid before.
He knew the moment she walked away; he felt cold air in place of her warm presence behind him. Turning he watched her retreating back. A word jumped into his head, Spitfire.
Ifeoma sulked into her room without any cogent reason for her anger other than his over-confidence and pomposity; by her deduction. But was that enough to provoke an emotional paroxysm in her life? Or was it that his roguish manner and charm touched a chord in her body that has never been stroke before.
When she calmed down and felt normal again, she tried to push him behind her. However, his image and voice stayed within the periphery of her thoughts all through the week.


Friday, 26 January 2018

Against Every Odd( A Novel)

Adeyemi’s eyelids fluttered open and from the edge he glimpsed a female vision in white, eyes widening, he shifted his head for a full view.
Only her back was visible; he noted her slim and tall physique was unlike his previous nurse, an obnoxious, bossy woman with an infuriating attitude, who thought she knew what was good for him. He had enough pains and trauma to contend with and wouldn’t have to add the woman’s sour and superior manner to his list of problems and so, asked for her to be replaced.

He assumed the vision in white was her replacement. He studied her intently and wondered what she would be like; from her stature and posture she appeared young, too young for the job. He hoped for her good, she would be competent and of good manners. He needed no girl to order him around; he would have to establish his authority with her right away.
Theresa felt eyes boring on her back and knew her patient was awake.  For a nanosecond fear clutched her heart; private nursing was a new phase of her career and she had no experience to draw on. She came on the recommendation of Dr. Akin Reuben, her mentor.
She had started her career at his clinic as a ward maid and trainee nurse, in the course of time, when he discovered she had flair for the job, he encouraged her to go to a nursing school and obtain a professional certificate.

She had obeyed and with his help and support she made it through nursing school and in gratitude had gone back to work for him, that was two years ago and had worked there until yesterday when Dr. Reuben called her to his office and informed her of this new assignment.
Astounded, she had listened in silence. As the youngest, in age and experience, she never expected to be sent out for such duty. She thought private nursing was for older nurses with lots of experience; she expressed her concern.

“Theresa, it’s because I have confidence in you and trust your sensibility, that’s why I’m sending you out for this job. They need a trustworthy and efficient nurse. I know you’re young but I know you’re committed and good at your job, that’s why I chose you.”
“Thank you, sir, for the trust and confidence, but what is expected of me in this job.” Her moral bolstered, her face radiated interest as she listened.
“Nothing more than what you do here, be in the ward to monitor him, give him his drugs at the appropriate time, then help with other personal needs.”
Her eyebrows flared fractionally. “Personal needs?”
The doctor smiled. “C’mon young lady; don’t get any funny ideas into your head. I only meant to say your duties would include doing little errands for him.”
"Okay, sir." A mischievous smile sneaked across her face. She would accept any duty from Dr. Reuben, he had always treated her like the daughter he never had.
And so, today she reported for duty here, determined to do her best. When she pulled open the door and saw her patient, and his plush surroundings, more of a hotel luxurious suite than a hospital ward, her heart had lurched and her elation sagged.

She had stared at him and a shiver went through her body, even in repose, the hard lines on his otherwise handsome face indicated he wouldn’t be an easy person to deal with.
Studying his face; with its petulant full lips, and the trappings around him, she came to the conclusion she washere to play nanny to a rich, overgrown baby boy. She hoped changing adult diapers wouldn’t be part of her personal duties.

She prayed and asked God for the strength and the patient to deal with him. She knew his type, over pampered, bossy, conceited and with overstuffed ego.
Heaving an inaudible sigh, she turned, a florid smile pasted on her face as she took four strides and stood at his bedside.
“Hi, I thought you’re not going to wake up so soon.”A forced cheerfulness clanged to her tone.
“Is it not all these damnable drugs they keep injecting inside of me that makes me sleep like a baby every minute of the day.” His face darkened sourly.
 “It is to ease your pains and make you heal quickly.”
“I don’t need my pains to be eased, I need my legs to heal normal, and I want to walk out of this hospital with my two legs and not in a wheelchair.” His voice was packed full of suppressed rage.
Theresa noted his tensed body and the swollen muscles of his forearm and knew she was on the wrong track.
“I am Theresa Okeke, your new nurse. And as I was meant to understand, "I’m to be at your beck and call from morning to evening when my duties end. Right sir?”She looked at him, her smile intact.
"For starter, I don't need to be addressed as sir, I don't want to be bossed around, I don't need pity, I don't want slothfulness, I don't want a chatterbox, I just want you to do your duties diligently, and that's all."  His eyes bored into hers.
"My, my, what a long list of don't want, so what do you want then." she appeared unruffled with his tantrum, but the smile rolled off her face.
“That name Theresa is ancient and too archaic to my liking; don’t you have any other name?”
A startled look jumped in her eyes. "Is my name also on your list of ‘don't want'?"
“I should think so.”
“Then call me nurse and I will answer.”
“No, nurse is not a name but a title and I forgot to add that you have to do away with your starchy white  uniform, if you have to attend to me properly, you should be free and not encumbered by your white.”
"What else, sir?" the ‘sir' slipping out of her lips unaware, she was occupied with holding her indignation at bay.
“Cut that sir rubbish.” He snapped.
"Yes, si--" She stopped and with an effort held her tongue in check.
“The name is Adeyemi, or you just make it Yemi.” He said offhandedly.
“Yes Yemi, what else?” The only visible display of her anger was her set mouth.
“Your name.” He repeated impatiently.
Theresa took a deep silent breath; it would not pay her to start on a wrong foot with her new patient. "You can call me Tessy since you find Theresa ancient and archaic."
“Tessy.” He tested the name.” That’s good enough, but how come such a young girl like you is bearing such outdated name?”

Theresa shrugged. “You have to ask my parent that, I didn’t name myself.”
She had spent about ten minutes with him and all her reservations had played out. The job wouldn’t be as simple as the doctor made her believe, but then she remembered the salary and was consoled.
She would take him as a challenge. Over the years, she has learned to face challenges and not run away from them. She grew up in a police barrack amidst rough environment and that had taught her to be battle ready for any situation and circumstances no matter how tough.
She smiled through gritted teeth. “Are you always this hostile?”


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Tension – Which way Nigeria

I guess it is time to ditch our ostrich mentality and really take a critical, analytical and conscious interest in what is happening in our country. Every day I go out, people are going about their business as usually, are we blind or deaf to the rumbling and cracking around us?

We have become so complacent that we take a lot of things for granted. We fold hands, we talk, and we argue at bars and public buses and insult ourselves on social media on issues boarding on the unity of this country. All these with little or no positive action or positive ideas on how to stop this evil tide before it carry us into turbulent waters.

Are we going to allow history to repeat itself? A group who called themselves, the Northern Youth had issued a 90-day ultimatum to igbos to leave the north. Yah, the Kaduna Governor has spoken, the V.P has spoken and the 19 Northern Governors have spoken too.

But that’s words, are we going to trust their words. Well their action or inaction will determine if actually they are being sincere, if actually they don’t know those sponsoring this Youths. I mean these Youths can’t just come out boldly to issue such threat if they have no strong backing. The question is, WHO IS BEHIND THEM?

Our land is tensed, blood is pumping drowning the voice of reason, tempers are hot, and the youths on both sides are charged they want to roll out the drums of war.

Which way Nigerians? Are we heading towards anarchy and bloodletting? The countdown to the destruction of Nigeria has just started.

Friday, 19 May 2017

The force of positive thinking- a book

The author

It is really heart-warming seeing a young man striving to excel in every aspect of his life, when someone this young discovers his purpose early in life and follows it through with tangible achievement, the sky is not even the limit.

In this day of social media crush by the youths, a young man has decided to add value to his life and that of others. Not only did he write a book, The force of positive thinking, that will impart and motivate his generation but that the proceedings from the sale of the book would go into assisting other youths in the funding of their education – what a commendable achievement and sacrifice.

This humble, talented and generous young man is Ekere Goodluck Ebimobowei, author of, The force of positive thinking. He is a speaker, writer and a young entrepreneur and an undergraduate, presently studying Business Administration in Covenant University.

About the book:

The force of positive thinking is a book written to inform, impart, reform and transform your thinking as an individual so as to help you make impact in life and maximize your destiny.
It is a manual for life transformation thoughts that will propel you towards positive action and a life of purposefulness.

The book has seven chapters all dealing with thoughts patters, and with biblical quotes to drive home his message. This is a chapter dealing with, Positive and Godly thoughts and another on, Taking charge of your thoughts.

Decoration of Faith (The story of Hannah)

My latest book. When a woman gets married, everyone expects her to get pregnant immediately. Whereby it doesn't happen the woman ...