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The most tattooed woman in the world.

She is in the Guinness World Records as the most tattooed woman in the world but not because she set out to achieve that feat in life. Julia Gnuse lived a pretty ordinary life until she turned thirty five, her skin changed became extra sensitive and started to scar her in a very ugly way.

After several trips to the doctors, it was eventually discovered Julia had porphyria, an incredibly uncommon skin condition that is either inherited from a parent or just spontaneously develop. One of the most uncomfortable symptoms of her condition was that her skin became ridiculously sensitive – to the point she could not go outside without her skin blistering right in front of her eyes.

Her doctors could not do much for her as the only medicine currently on the market has the side effect of making her lose her sight. Faced with the choice of complete body scarring or blindness, Julia turned to her friends for solution on how to cover up the embarrassing scarring she was getting and one of the…

'Thorn Birds' Author Colleen McCullough dies at 77

She was a kindred spirit, a writer but not just a writer, a successful one. she was best known for her novel The Thorn Birds, a highly popular romance novel which sold 30 million copies around the world, and has never gone out of print.

She didn't plan to be a writer, she intended to be a doctor, but while in medical school in Sydney she developed an allergy that forced her to abandon that dream. Trained as a neuroscientist, she became a researcher, which led to a job at Yale University. And it was there she wrote her first novel, Tim— followed by the book which made her famous: The Thorn Birds.

Author McCollough is likely to be best remembered for her book, The Thorn Birds, though, she wrote dozens of other books, including the "Masters of Rome" series, seven novels about ancient Rome.

She even issued her own take on Pride and Prejudice, with 2008's The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet. It was not well received by Jane Austen fans. 
In recent years, her eyesight be…

Julia Roberts & Danny Moder on set

Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder having a time out together on the set of their upcoming film The Secret in Their Eyes. Also on the set was her co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor

The 47-year-old actress is also a super mom,when Julia isn’t working on a movie, she spends time with her three children, twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 10, and Henry, 7.

When asked how she spends time with her kids,“Soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer,” Julia shared to Extra. “I’ve been a soccer mom for a while but it’s soccer, basketball, aerial yoga – those are things that rule our home.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be the guests of honour at Carole Middleton's 60th birthday bash.

Come this weekend, Carole Middleton, the mother of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. will be having her 60th birthday bash with Kate and Prince William the guests of honour.

The birthday celebration which will take place this weekend at a Caribbean resort will be a tight affair as some close friends, family and her siblings were excluded from the list of invitees.

Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William have jetted to the island of Mustique with little Prince George, in readiness for her mother's milestone birthday celebration on Saturday.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge flew out last week to get an early start on the celebrations, which are set to take place at a five-star property Villa Rocina among 30 close friends and family, according to the Mail Online.

Meanwhile, it's expected to be Kate's last trip abroad she is due to give birth in April.

Shakira gives birth to a baby boy

Shakira, the Colombian pop singer gave birth to another baby boy named Sasha, her second child with partner Gerard Pique.
In a statement on her official Twitter account, the 37-year-old said Sasha Pique Mebarak was born on Thursday at 9.54pm in Barcelona.
The note said the name Sasha was of Greek and Russian descent and meant "defender of mankind" and "warrior".

The statement said mother and baby were in excellent health.

Shakira and 27-year-old Pique, the Barcelona defender, have been a couple for the past four years, and their first child, Milan - a boy, was born in January 2013 in Barcelona.

9 Things men notice first about women

Have you ever wondered about the things guys notice first about girls? Well, ladies, men are not so difficult to understand since they are actually straight-forward so it can be easy to find out what things guys notice first by watching them carefully each time they meet a woman. Check out a few interesting and even surprising things men notice first about women.

1. Smile

A beautiful smile is one of the things most men notice first in a woman. Smiling woman is considered to be much more attractive and approachable. She sends the signal of happiness and optimism. Thus, it’s much easier to start a conversation with a smiling woman. I know it’s not so surprising since everyone likes to look at a person with a beautiful smile. But men always feel confident and more masculine with a smiling woman. Moreover, smile is a very contagious thing: when you smile to someone it provokes the smile in return.

Numerous studies have proved that smile stimulates more positive reaction. When a man first…