Monday, 15 February 2016

Will you allow your wife be a bus driver in Lagos?

More and more women are leaving the comfort of homes and sedately jobs to jostle with men in the rough streets of Lagos.
Being a commercial bus driver isn’t an easy job for men how much more for women, but nowadays more and more women are braving the odds, most probably as the economic situation in the country worsens. Some women are taken the lead as bread winners in their family; they are prepared to do any legitimate labour or job to put food on the table for their families.
One woman who is not afraid to go into the rough and tumble world of commercial bus driving is Mrs. Patricia Nnameani. She drives a mini-bus along the Ago-Cele route on daily basis. Being a bus driver was a self made decision but with the support of her husband and children, she is enjoying the job with its challenges and she hopes to raise money from it to get a bigger bus to increase her daily income.

She has been in the business for seven months now and waxing stronger. She advised more women to go in to commercial driving, that it pays better than sitting in a shop with low or no sales and at the end of the year you borrow or beg for money to pay the high rent landlords are charging par shop.

There are others like her who drives ‘keke’, big buses and even school buses. The big question is how many men will allow their wives take up commercial driving in Lagos especially?

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