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It's Big Brother Time once again

Osun Defender

Africa's biggest TV reality show is around the corner once again. it is billed to hit the screen from Sept. 7. Its a program many love to hate, but then its one that attracts high viewership in Africa.

7 Reasons Why Men Leave Women in a Relationship

Knowing This Will Save You a Lot of Pain & Trouble
Photo: Getty Images // | by Russell Jackson //
The feeling of being “dumped” is devastating and painful. No woman likes being left for another! If you are wondering how to keep your man, you should first know why men leave women in a relationship. Here are some of the most common reasons that you should be aware of.

Bored to death
Boredom can cause havoc in a relationship. Though it takes two to clap and both partners are responsible to keep their relationship alive and exciting, sometimes women can cause the major damage! Have you allowed your relationship to become predictable and boring? Does your man hate to come home to you? Ask your self these questions and put right the wrongs immediately.

This means that after a while he has realized that you are not compatible and have nothing in common. This also means that there was a whole lot of pretense and lies involved to keep each other interested in the…



New Malaria Vaccine Under Development


Scientists take inspiration from nature to make drones of the future

By James Maynard, Tech Times

A tiny drone, inspired by insects, flaps its wings to fly.

(Photo : Pakpong Chirarattananon et al. 2014 Bioinspir. Biomim. 9 025004)

Drone developers from around the globe are taking inspiration from nature for the latest generations of automated aerial vehicles.

Researchers are faced with challenging problems of navigating tight environments, whether in urban environments, or underground. A total of 14 research teams have turned to nature for inspiration to develop superior capabilities in drones.

Drones are now capable of picking up and delivering packages, which requires precise flight control and navigation. Bats are well-equipped for flying in and out of tight spaces. Vehicles with similar capabilities could be used in small areas that are unsafe for human occupation. One example could be in damaged nuclear power plants, like the one at Fukushima, Japan.

Automated aerial vehicles that flock together like birds, could allow rescue workers a network of ai…

Group Wants Children To Fast For Chibok Girls

A group, Nigeria Kids Pray, has called on children to fast and pray for the safe return of the kidnapped Chibok girls because adults has become too monetised and politicised. The girls have being held captive for more than a month now . #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS.

Another Explosion Hits Jos

Many are feared dead after another explosion ripped through an outdoor venue crowded with soccer fans in the city of Jos,
Police confirmed the explosion which went off 9 pm and an official of the National Emergency Management Agency said many are feared dead because the outdoor theater was packed to capacity. 
This will make it the third explosion in one month. God save our souls from this heartless devil incarnates.

9 Changes Men Should Make to Make a Relationship Successful

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How to Make a Relationship Successful and strong can be hard to learn. | by Heather | It’s not impossible though. There are strong relationships out there and if you are looking to learn how to make your relationship successful and strong, you might want to take a look below. Below, I’ve got the top 9 changes that men should make to help learn how to make a relationship successful!

1. Take Ownership
The first thing that a man needs to learn in the way of how to make a relationship successful is to take ownership. A boyfriend typically can handle any situation and can just take charge of it. Ladies, if your man isn’t skillfully managing the household and upholding promises to you, it might be time to call him out on it.

2. Surprise Her
The key to learning how to make a relationship successful is surprising each other, truly revealing part of yourself to the other person. Little surprises, little notes, small little romantic gestures are truly a way to a gi…

7 Ways To Show People How Much You Care


We often become too busy to remember the simple things that make life really great, and that we typically need to be our happiest.

The people that surround us are a very important part of our well-being, and it’s important to show them that! Read on for ways to show people how much you care!

One of the easiest ways to show people how much you care is to send a simple hello! It’s so easy to send a quick “hi” with our phones, email or other online tools. We have no excuse! Take a funny snapshot, send a joke or ask about how their day is going. Your message may get to someone at just the right time, when they need it most!

We’re so digital that anything handwritten seems out-of-date. Sometimes, handwritten cards, letters or notes
are super special, though. Drop someone a handwritten note or card — doodles included — and watch their smile spread as they get a wave of memory. You may even feel like a kid again! Address an…

Nollywood film maker, Amaka Igwe, for burial June 13