Thursday, 1 May 2014



 It started like any other ordinary day. They all woke up with plans and expectations for the day; they left their homes to the park to board buses and cars to different destination; some to work, and some to business.

 As usual, the park was bustling with activities; there was the clamour for passengers from drivers, the usual shouts of hawkers announcing their wares, buying and selling was going on in various places in and outside the park. Cars and buses was driving in and out.  Some others were eating breakfast in various food vendors’ outlet within the park.  Life was going on as usual, the people unaware of the angel of death lurking around.

Then an ear splitting explosion, for a split second, there was an eerily silence; then, pandemonium broke, and by the time the smoke of the bomb blast settled, there were human parts scattered all over the place, grotesque charred human remains were everywhere, the wounded and the maimed screamed and cried out in pain, but no immediate help was in the vicinity, the survivors were still dazed and helpless.

It was the scene of yet another bomb attack by the dreaded agent of destruction, The Boko Haram at Nyanya Park Abuja. They struck, leaving in their wake; tears, blood and sorrows. The carnage was so massive that darkness came at the break of day, the evil so thick that even the moon bleeds and blurs at night time.
 Again and again, they came, they kill, they destroy, and the people looked on hopelessly and the leaders watched helplessly. 

Still within the same week, the perpetrators struck yet again and slithered away with two hundred and thirty-four school girls for victory orgies. Again nothing was done, and the Chibok school girls yet to be found.

Let me ask,

 How many ears must our leaders have, before they can hear the cries of the people?
How many deaths will it take before they know that too many people have died?

The answer……

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