Monday, 5 May 2014


 Mrs Toyin
Mrs. Toyin Abiodun lives with her four children in a one-room apartment at Number 24 Adekunle Street, Akute-Odo, Ogun State. In her room she cooks, eats, washes her clothes and dishes, she and her four children defecate and have their bath in the same room.

According to her co-tenants, Toyin abuses her children by locking them up and using cutlass, knife and belt to beat them. Evidence of this is on their bodies. Their heads and bodies are full of scars while their hands are dislocated.
The Nation Newspaper

Her first son with cuts on his head

The rest of her children.
Honestly the first thing that came to my mind  after reading this is, either it’s a case of absolute wickedness or one of mental disorder, for a mother to abuse her children thus is really abnormal. If she is normal which I doubt, then she is Jezebel incarnate.

 According to the story she had these kids for two men who married and divorced her.

The average Nigerian child is without protection.

Where are the Welfare officers, where are the Human Right organizations and the NGOs

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