Tuesday, 27 May 2014


The name Boko Haram need no introduction, neither do the story of their many infamous acts need to be enumerated, but they left us no choice, day by day, they made world headlines with their daring and heartless offensives on the populace.

When it all started, we thought it was mere child’s play, and so looked down on them as a purposeless, barbaric, and uneducated group of hoodlums out to deal with Christians. We thought that like every other insurgent group that rose from the North, it would run its course and die a natural death. Little did we know we were wrong, from pocket of attacks here and there, they became bodacious and dare devils in their malicious terror assaults.

They come, they bomb, they kill, they maim, and they kidnap, leaving behind tales of deaths, tears, anguish, sorrow and heartbreak on victims, survivors, families and the nation as a whole.

They seemed well informed, well armed, well equipped with sophisticated weapons, well funded and well focused in their dastardly acts. All these combined gave them an invincible aura and a larger than life image.

Boko Haram is not a group made up of spirits or out of space aliens; they are human beings living among us and operating within us. However, they are a group of evil genius; (I have to call them that), who over the years has built a band of loyalist with tentacles all over the main frame of the country’s fort.
 Though, even if we try to deny it or fail to acknowledge it as a nation, we know individually that they have members in every strategic position in Nigeria, that’s why they thrive successfully in every of their operations.

Maybe the initiators and sponsors of Boko Haram never knew they were hatching a monster when they formed the sect to perpetuate Islamist ideals and tenets. Today that little monster has grown so monstrous that they could neither tame nor control it any more. Yes, the monster is threatening to consume its creators and they have no choice than to cringe and shiver in fear.

There is no gainsaying that the Northern leaders and elders have no hand in the rise and sustenance of Boko Haram in Nigeria, that’s why they cannot come out boldly to condemn their evil acts initially. Now because more than 200 school girls were kidnapped last month and the ire of the whole world is upon them, most of their core supporters are scurrying out with feeble condemnations.

If truly and honestly they want an end to this evil called Boko Haram, let them fish out the perpetrators; they know who they are and where they are, by keeping quiet, they are elongating their reign terror. 200 girls could not have vanished into thin air like that, we were not told they were flown out with private jets, they were driven out with trucks which passed through roads manned by gun holding policemen and soldiers with road blocks to boot, yet they passed through with the girls undetected.

This month, the city of Jos has been bombed thrice, they came and left with no hindrance and no harassment, they slipped through the network of heavy securities, all the stop and search by men of the security forces couldn’t detect them. And as usually life were lost, properties destroyed, blood of the innocents spilled.

Three final year medical students of the university of Jos, youths, workers, etc, died for no just reason other than that some misguided bigots are allowed to run amok among us.

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