Friday, 9 May 2014


Relationship means reaching out to establish contact with another person, which might be fleeting or enduring. This contact might be positive or negative at the onset. In addition, it may come about through mutual consent or out of necessity.
The need to form relationship springs from man’s basic need to relate with follow beings. Human beings as social animals, continually depend on each other for balance and stability. So relationship can be defined as a kind of shared communion with others. If you break down the word communion, it will give you common – union.
When something is common, it means a daily occurrence, a shared or communal activity,and then union is a fusion or unification of more than one objects/people. In essence we can rightly say that relationship is a daily/shared/communal fusion or unification of people from the poll of humanity. On daily basis people come in contact with others with whom they form relationship either temporary or permanently.
Relationship is a circular activity. That is, it rotates within your orbit, which are, your domicile, your work place, interest and affiliations. However, it’s not static, people still go outside their circle to establish union, but it always come as a result of common or mutual interest, also it is a chine action, whereby people are linked together by events, circumstances or by others. Furthermore, relationship is a kind of networking activity, hence the popularity of social network Medias, because people want to go outside their circle, outside their boundaries, outside their geographical locations and across countries to establish contacts that might lead to relationships.

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