Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Residents of Ago Palace Way Okota, a suburb under Oshodi/Osolo Local Government Area, had vowed never to forgive Fashola’s administration for his failure to build the only road that leads in and out of that area.

The deplorable state of the road has been a source of concern for the residents who have no other route to get to their houses. The fact that there is no drainage system on the road worsens the situation because when it rained the only way the rain goes when the road is saturated is into shops and houses along the road thereby causing havoc and damages to properties.

It’s a long stretch of road leading to the Mile 2 express road from both axis, both ends of the road has been constructed remaining the center and those living within the center of it are asking  Fashola what crime have they committed for them to be neglected like this.

The problem with the road is numerous, for one, it is full of potholes, is always flooded and then, the daily heavy traffic on it is a drain on ones time, energy and emotion.

Someone's compound along the road
As a matter of urgency, the residents and the Landlord Associations are pleading with the state government to please save them, the cost to their cars and businesses is becoming unbearable. Those that own plazas and shops along the road are crying out especially as many of their tenants have moved out due to the bad condition of the road. Many businesses along the road are being forced into closure, thereby throwing many families into hardship.

Last year, the landlord Associations held a demonstration to vent their anger over the deplorable state of the road, then loads of granites were heaped on it, but that did not solve the problem.

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