Friday, 27 March 2015

10 agonising things short women go through every day.

Short woman tip toe
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They say good things come in small packages, and we BET those girls who are below five feet in height would have to agree. People believe they can fit you in their pocket and don’t hesitate to say it out loud. You want to punch them in the face, don’t you? We get it; life is tough for a short girl. And after looking at all the things you go through, we feel your pain. 

1.Forever in heels: Be it a red carpet event or a beach vacation, half of your time is spent figuring out which pair of heels to wear.
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2.The art of hemming: If those gorgeous pants are not available in the kids department, you might have to pick them up from the adult section. But then comes the pain of hemming them up. Oh, wait; you’re a pro at that, aren’t you? 

3.Top shelf problems: Reaching the top shelf is just a pain in the neck, literally. You have to go up counters and shelves until you finally make it to the top. 

4.ID everywhere: Every time you approach a club, pub or a cinema for an A-rated movie, you have to show your ID card. People refuse to believe that you are actually old enough to enter 

5.Tippy-toe syndrome: Half of your life has been spent on tippy toes. Whether it is kissing your man or trying to get something from the top shelf, tippy-toes all the way. 

6.Forehead kisses: You are tired of getting kissed on the forehead. Men are so lazy that they just won’t bend down enough to reach your lips. 

7.Weight woes: Every time you gain few kilos, everyone notices. You have to think twice (heck, maybe three times) about that extra cupcake or those fries. 

8.High chair problems: Your feet don’t reach the ground, irrespective of the chair you are sitting on. You have to carefully balance your weight and jump off, every time your behind is perched on a bar stool. 

9.Taking a selfie: If your friends are tall, convincing them to bend down when clicking that selfie is such a pain. You have to tell your bestie that she looks like a yeti for her to stoop down to your level. 

10.Extra help: Any place you go (and especially on aircrafts), there are people who are always ready to help you out, whether you ask for it or not. They are ever ready to help you with bags and other heavy stuff they think you can’t manage. Frankly, you shouldn’t complain.


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