Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Woman sells breast Milk for a whopping $20 per 5-ounce bottle

Hudson on ITV’s “This Morning.” Photo by REX USA/Ken McKay/ITV/Rex

I think it is a touch of ingenuity for this woman who found market for her excess breast milk. Rebecca Hudson, a mother of four, told ITV’s This Morning that her breast milk goes for a whopping $20 per 5-ounce bottle, which has earned her a total of $4,750 this year.

According to her, she has eight regular clients include chefs who are using the milk as an ingredient and bodybuilders looking for extra protein. “What they do with the milk is up to them; I’m not going to discriminate,” she said during the interview.

Hudson gave birth to her youngest daughter, Milly, 10 weeks premature, and initially had trouble producing milk. But when it started, it arrived in “bucket loads,” she said, more than her daughter could drink or she could store in her freezer.

She initially denoted it to a local hospital but it was rejected, when she heard it was a booming market in the U.S, she went online  an discovered that there are several women in the U.S. that were selling it off.. Hudson took this step, according to her, “I didn’t want to pour it away because it takes a lot of work to produce breast milk,” she said. “It takes energy and time.”  she told the This Morning hosts. 

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