Saturday, 13 December 2014


As some will argue, Christ was not born on 25th December, probably, but the truth still stands; Christ was born. He was born on this earth and he was born for a reason not for a season. The season is not as important as the reason, but today we value and give reverence to the season while relegating the reason of His birth to the background.

Most of our preparations for the commemoration for the birth of Christ are physical and never spiritual; it all boards on new dresses, new shoes, new cars, and new jewelries; in fact new everything to show off. Of course, the birth of Christ is actual a cause for celebration, because of the reason for His birth. However, it should be a celebration with a tint of sobriety, a reflection of where we are with Christ and a contemplation of what His birth stands for as well as what it meant to our lives as Christians.

What does it profit you after toiling all months only to squander it at this season?  What is the gain of soiling your hands with evil and all manners of dubiousness just because you want to celebrate this season? If truly you understand the reason for this season then you would not involve yourself in any unreasonably acts or actions just for the season.

The seasons of Christmas come and go, but the reasons for Christmas stand for eternity. Let your reason for celebrating Christmas stand above the season. The season is not about you, so do not adore yourself, your family with new apparels, it is a season of peace and goodwill, that is the essence of His birth. Step out of the crowd, look beyond you and reach out to those in need of Christ, give love to the loveless, preach the gospel of peace not just with your mouth but with your acts and actions and spread goodwill to all men.


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