Ello: The hottest social media network on the Internet

A new social network Ello, is right now the hottest social media on the Internet. Created last year as a "private" social network

Elo is the rave of the moment, it's new so everybody wants to be in Now it has exploded and is getting at least 32,000 requests an hour from people wanting to join and its exclusivity is part of the pull,

What makes Ello different from Facebook is that they don’t have advertisements, they don’t sell your personal information, and they value your privacy first and foremost. These are all the right things you want to hear about a social network, but there’s a catch: “Like the app store, we’re going to sell features for a few dollars,”Budnitz toldBBC News.

Elo is set to jostle with Facebook on the social media platform. However, at least for the time being you join Elo through invitation only

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