Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Why am I a Christian?

At times it is not that you don’t believe, but some days, events and circumstances make you doubt your faith, doubt the existence of God, and His presence in your live. You wonder, if there is God, why should I lose a loved one at a young age, if there is God why should my spouse die, if there is God, why should he allow a whole family to be wiped out by an enemy.

You may wonder, I am a Christian, I trust God, I believe in Him, I worship Him, so why should he allow evil and calamity to grace my path, and then you ask, what’s the essence of being a Christian.

A woman was once told a car hit and killed her daughter, her first comment was, “but I prayed this morning, I covered all my children with the blood of Jesus.” Then she looked up and asked. “God, Why?”

Yes, God, why? is a question most Christians ask, especially when calamity assaults us. The bible tells us that no one can question God. He owes us no explanation for the things He does and how He does it. He is God, Almighty, omnipotent, omniscient and omniscience. His ways are far above ours. Its either you believe and trust him despite all odds or you don’t.

However, in all situation, the strength of your reliance on God depends on why you are a Christian.

    What is the foundation of your Christianity?

Are you a Christian because you have no choice, because you are born into a Christian home? Is your Christianity fueled by fear or by contentment with your worldly acquisitions? Your faith is most tried when you feel you’re drowning in a sea of misfortunes, ill-lucks, tragedies and betrayals. In such circumstances, you felt confused, especially if you feel you are a ‘good Christian’ and in good stead with God.

Well, goodness, piousness and faithfulness are never shields against the doomsday, for surely it will come and the reason you are a Christian, and understanding of God’s word is your armor against the vilest thing life will hurl at you.

Are you a Christian because you love God with all your heart and mind and want to serve Him all your life in any situation and circumstance, and follow him through every storm without vacillating. There are two things involved, if love for God does not drive you to his bosom, then fear of the unknown, fear of evil will definitely do that for. It is better to choose love of God as the foundation of your Christianity.

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