Sunday, 1 February 2015

Nollywood actor lives in penury.

Sick Prince James Uche faces eviction from residence.
Prince James Uche
His catalogue of woes started years back, when he became ill after something struck him on his face, then his wife left him in 2012, because she couldn't cope with the burden of taking care of him and their three children. Now, this Nollywood actor,Prince James Uche is homeless and lives in penury. Has Nollywood abandoned one of their own?

According to Punch, the actor who is still battling with an undefined heart disease, memory and sight loss, has been served an eviction notice by his landlord, ordering him to vacate his residence at 45, Yetunde Brown Street, Gbagada, Lagos.

In a chat with a Punch correspondent who paid him a visit, the ‘Lost Kingdom’ actor recounted the beginning of his ailment.

“something struck me on the left side of my face about eight years ago, when I was heading for the burial ceremony of Pete Edochie’s mother at Nteje in Anambra State.

“I got to the venue of the ceremony and stayed in the town for two days. On the third day, I suddenly found that I could no longer move my body freely. Although I barely managed to get up on my feet, I could not climb up the staircase.

“I had to wait till the following Sunday before deciding to leave for Lagos. But my friend, Edoche, persuaded me to follow him to Enugu where he lived at the time. I slept in Enugu on that day. In the morning I went for treatment in a hospital.

“After the doctor had finished examining me, he stared at me with his mouth half open in shock for a long time.

“When I asked what was wrong, he said I should have been dead. He took my pulse again and then, sweating, said my blood pressure was abnormally high. He said it had risen up to 300 and it was a miracle that I was still alive.”
James now spends most of his time in the premises of a Catholic church near his residence.

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