Saturday, 26 April 2014

Nobody knows what I feel (part 1)


“Madam, we’re sorry.” The messenger of doom stood, face blank and devoid of any emotion as he muttered his apology.

She halted her pensive pacing and turned, eyes wide, face stained with tears, she stared at the doctor uncomprehendingly at first.

“We did our best but….” He raised his shoulders in helpless shrug

She closed the distance between them. “What did you just say?”

“I’m sorry ma; there is nothing to do anymore.”

She held his shirt and let out an ear piercing scream. All activities in the hospital ceased as her scream bounced off the walls.

The doctor gently pried her hands away from his shirt, and led her to a chair. She collapsed on it sobbing profusely.

Everyone stood still, confused and helpless as they listen to her agonized cry.

Sister, welcome to widowhood.

Fighting Emotion (3)

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