Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Tension – Which way Nigeria

I guess it is time to ditch our ostrich mentality and really take a critical, analytical and conscious interest in what is happening in our country. Every day I go out, people are going about their business as usually, are we blind or deaf to the rumbling and cracking around us?

We have become so complacent that we take a lot of things for granted. We fold hands, we talk, and we argue at bars and public buses and insult ourselves on social media on issues boarding on the unity of this country. All these with little or no positive action or positive ideas on how to stop this evil tide before it carry us into turbulent waters.

Are we going to allow history to repeat itself? A group who called themselves, the Northern Youth had issued a 90-day ultimatum to igbos to leave the north. Yah, the Kaduna Governor has spoken, the V.P has spoken and the 19 Northern Governors have spoken too.

But that’s words, are we going to trust their words. Well their action or inaction will determine if actually they are being sincere, if actually they don’t know those sponsoring this Youths. I mean these Youths can’t just come out boldly to issue such threat if they have no strong backing. The question is, WHO IS BEHIND THEM?

Our land is tensed, blood is pumping drowning the voice of reason, tempers are hot, and the youths on both sides are charged they want to roll out the drums of war.

Which way Nigerians? Are we heading towards anarchy and bloodletting? The countdown to the destruction of Nigeria has just started.

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